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Monday, 24 January 2011

Monday blues

The weekends seem to go so fast and before you know it it is Monday again, Its been a bright day at Norbury, temperatures have been about 5 degrees all day and not much wind but it has seemed really cold, I don't remember it being this cold when it was -20 but then I didn't go outside that much then!

The lads have been ploughing through the winter maintenance on the boats and in doing so have started to identify problems caused by the severe weather last year, mainly pipes and water pump that have burst and broken so Paul has been fixing some of them today, he still has quite a few boats to go through so i suspect that he will find some more before he has finished, Lee has worked his socks off today and made a real impact on the two boats that he is touching up ready for the impending season.

Nothing else really to report from today's events so until tomorrow.


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