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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Thursday 12th

Not a very exciting day today, only seen the one boat on the wharf today for services, me and David have had a move around of boats and have sorted out the new brokerage boats and put them where they should be and moved the now sold boats to appropriate moorings, we only have three empty moorings at the moment, i suspect that will change once spring arrives and people start moving off for the season, The weather here at Norbury has certainly got a lot warmer, I have even managed to remove my scarf and gloves at long last, even Bernard was showing some chest hair today, now that must mean its getting warmer! We might even see some sun this week.

The lads have been busy as usual,there doesn't seem a day when they have no work to do, at least that's what they tell me!

Good news came today, i will be seeing some of the stranded boats return next week, in fact one of them turned up on the wharf today, so we now have another new brokerage boat here for sale, David will post the details over the weekend.

I'm off home now so until tomorrow


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