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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Northgate staircase

British Waterways are in the process of repairing the masonary and gates at Northgate staircase in Chester on the Shropshire Union Canal. The stoppage is due to be lifted on 18th February. They hosted an open day yesterday for those of us that are interested in the infrastructure of the canal system. Unforunately I was unable to make it, but Sue did go and she got some great shots that I thought you may like to see.

This is the top lock (dewatered) looking back towards Norbury!

Looking down into the top lock.

This is a rare sight. Looking down through the dewatered flight. Note how the locks a carved out of the solid rock. Bricks and stone blocks fill the gaps and make up the sides of the locks.

Two of the paddle holes in one of the chambers.

And finally a view across the basin at the bottom of the flight. The warehouse has gone from the right hand side and the flats are a new addition.

We've docked Defiant this morning for her annual check over and blacking. Jamie is pressure washing her now. Bernard will be replacing some of the stern gear tomorrow as it is now suffering from hours of use. Defiant has done well since we commissioned her in 2006. Hundreds of people have enjoyed days out on her and she is still well used. She will be joined by Victory this season and we will also be using Phantasy as a dayboat during the weekends in the busy period. Victory and Defiant both seat 10 people and are identical, whilst Phantasy seats 6. For full details of day boat hire click here.

Paul is doing a few jobs on Shropshire Blue which will then mean that her winter maintenance is complete - another one off the list! Mick is on the count down, in actual fact as I write he has just finished for the day and is off to the airport. Lucky bugger has got two and a half weeks off now...

Simon will be back tomorrow and will keep you posted on news as and when it happens.



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