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Friday, 14 January 2011

Shropshire Union Canal closed between Goldstone and Tyrley

It's been a nice steady day here today. The sky's been blue and the sun out for the majority of the day, although it has started to drizzle now.

The rumours that were filtering through by lunchtime today of the Shropshire Union being closed due to a rock/landslide in Drayton Rockin' (that's Woodseaves cutting between Goldstone and Tyrley locks. BW call it Tyrley cutting) were confirmed when a lady from Waterways at Northwich rang me at 1pm. Apparently the slip occurred during the night following the rain we had yesterday. It sounds quite serious and apparently other parts of the Rockin' are also suspect. We are just hoping that Waterways manage to get the canal navigable as soon as possible. We certainly don't want to be in the same situation as we were back in 2009 when the canal breached at Shebdon and we didn't see any moving traffic for weeks.

Unfortunately we also have one of our hire boats stuck to the north of the slide, meaning that it can't return. Luckily the lovely couple aboard still have two more weeks holiday before they will be returning home. There are planned stoppages on the Trent and Mersey until March meaning that they can't even get back to Norbury that way. FINGERS CROSSED Waterways will sort it ASAP... - we might all need to get up there with our shovels!!!

Here's the British Waterways announcement (note how they spell Tyrley!).

Stoppage: Closure to navigation and towpath at Tyrely Cutting due to rock fall

14 Jan 2011 until further notice

Associated Regional Office: North Wales & Borders Waterways

A substantial rock fall has occurred within the Tyrely cutting which has blocked the navigation to all craft between bridge 58 and 59 on the Shropshire Union Canal. After initial inspection there is concern that other sections of the cutting face are at risk of further collapse. For safety reasons we will therefore have to close off the towpath and navigation until further notice whilst investigations are completed and the rock fall removed.

The nearest winding holes that are available for use are located at Goldstone Wharf to the south of the stoppage and above Tyrely top lock to the north of the stoppage.

Further updates to follow.

British Waterways apologise for any inconvenience caused by this incident if you require further information please contact our office on 01606 723800.

We docked Summer Wine this morning for her annual blacking. That's kept Fred busy. Bernard's done an engine service on a private boat and then he has been carrying on with the winter engine services on our shared owned boats. Mick's being on maintenance today! Replaced the unit fascias in the kitchen in the tearoom, installed a dishwasher (yes, we've now adapted to 21st century equipment!) and changed the light bulbs around the yard that had blown.

I've ordered a new camera today as well, so you can hopefully start having daily pictures again from the end of next week - it won't be kept in the office for thieving hands to take advantage of again either!

That's about it for today.



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  1. Here's a link, with pictures, of today's closure of the Shroppie...

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