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Monday, 10 January 2011

Monday 10th Jan

Wow what a busy day it has been at Norbury, Old friends and good customers Sue and Vic came in today after their long enforced stay in the ice in Market, it is nice to see them even if they do bend my ear a lot! Its great to also get some excellent feed back from all of you who take the time to read the blog, its amazing how many people are reading this now, it has really taken off, any comments on how we can improve it will be very welcome.

It really has been a busy day today, the amount of bookings that we are taking for the hire fleet is amazing, David has had a busy weekend with bookings and today has been no exception, Ember is doing fantastically, I wish I had another one the same, maybe next year! Talking of Ember, I saw her out in the day light for the first time since she has come out of the painting dock and I have to say that she looks superb! Lee has done a stunning job on her and she now sports the new livery in Grey black and red. The reason behind the colour scheme dates back to 1991 when I painted my second boat in the same colours and they look striking so every boat that I have owned since has been the same colour.

The lads have all been busy again today, Lee has started stripping the roof on another shared owned boat, he will be painting that all week, Paul has been getting the holiday cottage ready for a family who has had to find some accommodation while their hose is being repaired after damage caused by the severe weather, Mick has been doing gas work on several boats all day, he is trying to do as many as he can before the end of the month as he is off to Australia for two weeks, luck so-and-so.

Just a small correction for yesterdays post, David has made a mistake in the dates that he put in the blog, it should say 2012 and 2011, not 2011 and 2010 so if anyone was wondering, we do have space for some shared owner boats in 2o12 and space for winter maintenance in 2011.

Thats it for today, so until tomorrow.


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  1. OI! Not so much of the "old"! Anyway don't you always love your ears bent.. :P

    Yes I agree what a busy day and we arrived late lunchtime.. Hey all those boats moored up.. lots of grumps around the small bit of turning area you left boaters to go about.. best shift some!

    Really glad you survived the ice age.. now stop just sitting there and get on with some work!