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Saturday, 29 January 2011

just some photos

I really was tiered last night and couldnt be bothered with uploading photos but I thought now that i would share some from yesterday while going through Tyrley cutting, sorry about the poor quality, i was using my phone;the first one is approaching the first bridge above Tyrley locks

Next one is the rocks in the water at the affected area by the fall. The next picture is of the two work men drilling holes in the "50ton" lump of rock, it didnt look that big, but i wouldnt want it landing on my toe! last picture is of the whole area, difficult to take good pictures with an iphone when it is freezing and your hands are shaking with the cold! Last and probably the best shot of all is me in warmer weather in my shorts showing of my legs and surprise surprise, on a boat!!

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  1. So what was the moderator doing when those knees were posted on here! LOL...Not doing a very good job at censoring offensive content!!