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Friday, 7 January 2011


Whhhhhay Its Friday so no work for me for the whole weekend, well apart from a small repair required at my partners rental property, and washing my very dirty car, oh and forgot that the house is a tip as we havent cleaned it for a couple of weeks because we have been busy over Christmas and New year, and need to get the logs and the coal in as we have run out.Thoroughly depressed now and don't want it to be the weekend! Only kidding.

Bookings are really coming in thick and fast now for the hire boats, its amazing how the bookings pick up just after Christmas, it shows that people are looking forward to the summer and I cant blame them, I am now thinking of where to go for my holiday, unfortunately I cant have time off when it is busy so I end up going somewhere out of season when nothing is open and the weather is not very good! I hope you are feeling sorry for me now? Any way here are a couple of pictures of Sovereign lady breaking the ice last week near to High Bridge just north of us, just in case you had forgotten what the winter looked like.

Sorry folks I cant upload the pictures as the internet connection keeps coming and going, David might post some pictures tomorrow.

Until Monday


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