Shop front in the summer

Friday, 21 January 2011


Its been another bitterly cold day here at Norbury, When i got up this morning and looked out of my bedroom window it looked like it had snowed, the haw frost was amazing it was standing up on the bonnet of my car like millions of white soldiers standing to attention, it was -4 and on the drive in to work and i feared that the canal would be well and truly frozen over but i was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn't, the boats had also escaped the chilly night, the trees were covered though and as it warmed up the ice was dropping on to the parked cars making hell of a racket in the process.

Its been busy all day with people in and out and all the lads have been busy doing the usual on the boats so nothing really exciting to report.

It is Friday, it is 5.30 and that's me done for the weekend so until Monday i will leave David to entertain you and i know that he will post some pictures on here for you to see.


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