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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sunday already

It's Sunday again...

I really don't know where the weeks go to. It is now four weeks since Christmas. Easter will be with us before we know it. We have got a lot of work to get done before then to ensure that all of the boats are ready for the season. The majority of them will be out before then...

This morning saw Paul and Jamie swapping the boats in the docks. Quartz is now in the dry dock and is being pressure washed, ready for blacking. Defiant and Phantasy are in the painting dock to be tidied up. Phantasy is going out on Thursday - it's a good job she doesn't need too much paintwork! Mick has changed the fluorescent tubes in the dock, as a number of them had stopped working over the last week or so. He is now busy doing the engineering work required on Victory which will allow Steve to get on with lining her out. Jay has been busy in the tea room with walkers etc. and Mandy's busy cleaning one of the shared owned boats.

I've been writing boat manuals. The current ones need updating a bit and I've got three new ones to write for Quartz, Princess and Ember. It is surprising how long it takes and there's still more to do. And then there is the laminating...

There's been a few boats around again today. Here's a picture of a passing boat making use of our services.

Over to Simon once again tomorrow.

Until next week.



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