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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

wet Tuesday

It might have rained all day but at least it hasn't snowed and the temperature isn't below freezing!
Is it me or does January seem a looooooooooooooong month? it seems to drag on and on, still it is nearly the end of the month and the nights are starting to draw out, I noticed tonight as I was locking up at 5.30pm that the sky was a little lighter, soon it will be light at 5.30 and then it will really seem like spring is on its way, as we have had an early harsh start to the winter it seems like it has been a really long winter so roll on spring and summer.

Trouble with January is that in our business it is very quiet, it is true to say that this year we do seem to have been relatively busy and have had a steady flow of customers through the door, but i love it when it is non stop through the day, so much so that after a busy day you cant remember what went on:someone please remind me of that statement when in August i am wishing we could have some quiet days!

Nothing really exciting to report from today so until tomorrow


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  1. I've always thought that a wet Tuesday in February is about as bad as it gets!