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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Jam packed

Looking around the wharf this morning I thought to myself, we seem to have a lot of boats here at the moment, I know we have more hire boats this year and more shared boats as well , and they are not all here yet, I still have some stuck because of the ice and the infernal stoppages, I apologise to everyone who is coming through at the moment as it is a bit like a slalom course, makes life a bit more interesting though! If you are ever in Norbury and you need to Wind around and cant because of all the boats just drop into the office and ask and we will move them for you. Sue and Vic have now disappeared, miserable old goats didn't say goodbye! I am sure they will be back to bend my ear soon, I don't mind my ears being fondled! oops meant to say 'bent' Sue its always a pleasure!!

Its been another busy day today, more bookings for boats, more of the same general work on boats, the odd pump out, diesel, gas and coal, chandlery orders coming in to fill the shelves, getting ready for Easter, Its not far away, I can hear you now saying "its only January" but the Easter eggs are in the shops already you know!

Ange has returned to work today, poor thing still isn't very well, but I reckon that plenty of hard work and she will forget all about it! I hope she doesn't read this tonight or she will bend my ear tomorrow.

Not really much to report about Norbury today, No ice, no snow, nothing out of the usual, nothing really exciting so lets see what tomorrow brings.


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