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Saturday, 15 January 2011

More information on the rock fall in Drayton Rockin'

Here's some pictures of the rock/land slide that occurred yesterday in Drayton rockin'. The stoppage notice that was released by Waterways was incorrect. The main slippage has occurred between bridges 56 and 57, although there are a number of other slippages.

There has also been a number of smaller rock falls, as in the picture below.

And there are areas that are in need of stabilising.

These deep cuttings on the Shropshire Union do prove a problem for Waterways especially through periods of heavy rainfall (and there's more rain on the way!). If there was still a dredger based here along with a couple of pans, then it could be cleared in a couple of days. Unfortunately the dredger was sold off a couple of years back, so the job will probably be contracted out. Once the obstructions have been cleared some serious stabilisation work needs to be done to prevent it happening again. We will have to wait and see what happens. We'll publish updates as and when available.

It's been a grey day here, but the rain is holding off which has meant that all work is progressing well. Bernard has straightened the rudder on Summer Wine and replaced the top and bottom rudder bearings. He is now busy fitting a new complete fuel filter assembly to Sandpiper. Fred has been blacking Summer Wine and painting the counter bands. Mick has been doing some more work on Sphynx and now he is awaiting parts, so in the meantime he is doing a few more maintenance jobs around the yard. Paul has completed the internal checks on Sandpiper and is just about to start on another boat.

The stoppages on the Staffs and Worcs have been lifted early which has meant the owners of Debdale can now collect her from Tixall Wide. She will be returning to our yard over the next few days. That will then allow us to get on with her winter maintenance meaning that the boat will ready for this years up and coming season.

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