Shop front in the summer

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Grey clouds over Norbury

It's been a grey old day here at Norbury and not really that much to report. It's been a bit wet too, but I suppose it'll keep the canal topped up...

We've undocked Summer Wine and docked a private boat for pressure washing and blacking. Jamie's got that all cleaned off now and the dock cleaned out. She'll have a coat of Intertuf tomorrow, as long as she has dried off.

I've taken an offer on Sandrella that has been accepted. I'm glad that she is going to a good home.

Bookings for the hire boats are still rolling in making it look like we will have a good season (fingers crossed).

A few good friends and regular customers have popped by for a chat today. One being Vic off of No Problem. His wife Sue really does write a fabulous blog that I enjoy reading throughout the week. (We are learning and getting plenty of tips off of you Sue!).

Hopefully there will be more to write about tomorrow...

Best regards,



  1. One thing you could do on the blog is change your time stamp to GMT. At the moment, you see to be on Pacific Time, as your posts are timed at around 8 in the morning rather tha 4 in the afternoon. Go to Settings, then Formatting, and time zone is half way down the page.

  2. Hi Adam,

    Thanks for that - I needed someone to tell me how to do that!

    See you soon.