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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Deliberate mistake, or not?

How many of you who read the blog noticed? yesterday i put in the title "Sunny Monday" I only put it there to see if any one noticed and make a comment, obviously you are not as observant as I thought! Truth be told I had a long weekend and forgot what day it was.

It has been another fine day at Norbury, the sun has been shining, no wind but it has gone freezing cold again, it was freezing this morning and it is freezing again now, I doubt that it will be cold enough to freeze the canal over, I will keep my fingers crossed!

No news on the land slide at Tyrley cutting except an email saying that it is still shut!!! I don't suppose BWB will rush to sort it out as i suspect that they think that it wont matter until Easter, i certainly hope that is not the case.

The lads have all been busy as usual, we have moved Honeystreet out of the painting dock and that is now waiting to go into the dry dock tomorrow and we have put Quartz in to have its paint work done, Quartz is one of our new hire boats, I have got the SD card for the camera so here are just a couple of shots from today. Above is Quartz, having some prep work before a quick touch up, it will be getting a new full livery next year, we don't have enough time this year.This is a Picture of Lee,the painter at Norbury, Lee is also know as Smurf, although not a name he is too fond of, the reason for 'Smurf' is that one day after preparing a blue boat, he came out covered in a very light blue dust! Credit goes to Smurf for the job that he does as it isn't the nicest job in the world and it is very hard work, Smurf has worked for me now for many years and he started well before I took over Norbury so he is now my longest serving employee!

Over the next few weeks i will be taking some pictures of everyone who works at Norbury just so you can all see their 'ugly mugs'

Don't ask me why the text above is in blue and underlined as I have no idea.


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