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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Bitter again!!

Wow it has gone seriously cold here at Norbury, i was hoping that the bad weather from last year was all we were going to see, how wrong could i be! It was -4 on my in to work this morning and it has not got above freezing all day, the canal did have a smidgen of ice on it this morning but only in the sheltered areas, i just hope that all the boats that have been recommissioned will be OK if this temperature continues or we will have more burst pipes!

Its been a hive of activity today, we seem to have been very busy, quite a few folk around, some looking at boats, the new owners of some of the boats sold recently have been in to check on their purchases and customers requiring chandlery, we have even had a few people in the T room!

The lads have been busy as usual, Mick finishing off deck boards on Yelvertoft and doing the gas work on Debdale, these two boats are both shared owned boats that we look after, Debdale has just returned to us after being well and truly stuck in the ice at Tixall wide, it was stuck there since about the first week in December but managed to get back before the stoppages came on.

Steve has been doing wood work on Ember, nearly finished now, just trimming it up and varnishing it, lee has done a sterling job on Quartz and that should be done by the weekend, Fred has been pressure washing Honeystreet in the dock and Bernard has been doing the winter engine service on Debdale and Jay has been painting and varnishing the T room this afternoon, giving it a bit of a make over!

I spoke with BWB this afternoon and the news on the Tyrley stoppage is that they should have a specialist engineer on site within the next few days to look at stabilising the bank and once the engineers have done that and given the all clear then BWB will get another firm in to clear the canal, I cannot imagine for one minute that it will be complete within a fortnight, but here is hoping.


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