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Friday, 28 January 2011

Boating today!

I cant believe that I am sat here typing this blog when Emmerdale is on, I am missing probably the best TV programme and it looked like a real good episode! will have to watch it on iplayer.

Back to the blog, its been a superb day weather wise, the sun has been shinning in Norbury toady, it really has felt like spring is around the corner, Sparrows sat on the gutter of the shop twittering away and people with their coats off! It has been a busy day, well the bits that I have seen toady as I have been out all afternoon, firstly I had a sunken boat to visit to do an estimate and then I went boating, yes I know, I don't go boating any more, today however I had to go and move Phoenix through Tyrley cutting, for those of you who don't know, Tyrley has been shut for the last couple of weeks due to a large land slide in to the canal and a 50 ton lump of sandstone sat in a precarious position above the canal; After many meetings with BWB they finally agreed yesterday to allow me to travel through the affected section, at my risk I hasten to add, so I set off from Tyrley top lock at 2.00pm arriving at the affected section about fifteen minutes later, the fall was no where as bad as I had expected but to be fair to BWB I can understand why the section is shut as the rock is in a dangerous position; there were several workmen suspended on ropes with drilling equipment making holes in the rock, by the looks of things they are breaking it up into smaller sections and dropping it in to the canal from where it will then be dredged out; I have to say that i wouldn't fancy their job! Once past I was free to travel on to the Wharf at Cheswardine.

Well Emmerdale has finished now but Coronation has started so I will leave it all to David to keep you up to date with events over the weekend.

So until; Monday, I hope you all have a good weekend.


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