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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Another chilly morning

It was a cold night again at Norbury with a harsh frost. When I came to work this morning there was a very thin layer of ice on the canal down the arm towards our dry dock.

The winter works are progressing well on all of our boats. Here's a view back across the basin taken from underneath Bridge No. 1 of the Newport Canal showing some of the boats based here. That's Princess closest to us, she arrived yesterday and following her winter works will be offered for hire - Click here for details.

Also lurking near to the bridge you can usually find this plump feathery friend.

He is one of my favourite ducks that are currently residing at Norbury. He is an Aylesbury duck and is very friendly. He (like us) can not wait for the Spring, when he will be fed by the many families that make a special trip from their urban homes to take a walk along the delightfully rural Shropshire Union Canal. (Yes you can buy corn from our shop to feed him too!). Ironically I've never seen one of these ducks in Aylesbury, and I have spent quite some time there as we used to have a mooring in the canal basin! Aylesbury is certainly worth a visit by boat and the Aylesbury Canal Society welcome all with open arms.

The lads are all busy with their jobs again today. Bernard has finished servicing Dedale's engine and has now started on his next one. Paul has been doing some work on Quartz, but has now gone down to the dry dock to put the mushroom vents and cabin fittings back onto Honeystreet as she will be coming out of the dry dock tomorrow. Fred has been busy all day. First job was off to Knighton to deliver some coal. When he returned back to the yard he has applied the last coat of blacking to Honeystreet, he has also painted the water tank and in the picture below he is seen to be prepping the counter bands, ready for their final coat of topcoat.

Phantom came back this morning with some very happy customer's aboard, who were sad to leave their floating cottage and return home. She has been turned round (pumped out, gas bottles replaced, cleaned etc.) and has now gone out for a further week with her new residents aboard.

Whilst I was updating some information today, I came across this photograph that I thought that you would all like to see ("I hope that you haven't got any copyright on it Karen?"). I think it is a fantastic action shot of Simon ice-breaking with Defiant some weeks back. The ice was about 4 inches thick then and mighty hard to break. Let's hope that the ice doesn't come back to haunt us!

After looking at the Beebs weather forecast it looks like it's gonna warm up a bit this coming week. I really hope it does!

We've completed on Long in the Tooth this week and Sandrella is currently Under Offer with the completion hopefully being early next week. Sultan and Mayflower have been reduced. We have sold four boats so far this month. That proves that we really are good at selling boats and that there are still people out there looking to buy a narrowboat. Lavendar Lee has also arrived and is now offered for sale. For a full list of boats for sale click here.

That's it for today folks.



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