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Friday, 15 June 2012

dab hand

tis me again, i'm gonna be a dab hand at writing the blog soon.
we have had 2 shared boats back to us this morning without any issues and all had a good time despite the weather and we have had aqua marine and phantasy return and all had a good time too ;)...........we have been quite busy in the tea room today, it's that smell of bacon again wafting around norbury, everyone turns up all at the same time and all hell breaks loose........break time isn't until 10.30 but david and i get a whiff and have a working break, bacon sarnie in hand whilst answering the phone........lovely, thanks lorraine.
well if you've been at norbury today you have obviously not known what clothes to wear, one minute the sun was shining the next minute the heavens opened, we have had boats passing through where the helmsman has had wet weather gear and sun glasses on..........happy days.
aqua marine has gone out for 2 weeks today with a returning customer of many years......roger ireland, phantasy has also gone out for 2 weeks with a couple from newzealand, lovely people, denise went to pick them up from hertz car rental in hortonwood who decided today at noon that they were going to change the name of the car rental company and confuse everyone, denise was looking for hertz as was mrs williams, they met each other by chance as denise spotted someone with a load of suitcases, anyway they made it here and that is the main thing, we have also had sphinx go out with 10 lads for the week heading up to chester, i hope everyone has a lovely holiday............until next time, ange

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