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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Many thanks to Ange for writing the blog last night. I'm afraid that I wasn't on top form at all yesterday. I just about made it to closing time and went home, put my feet up and woke up at seven this morning. Well... Except for being disturbed by Lorraine and Denise at about 9.30 last night, who were trying to drag me out for a drink - I must have felt unwell, because I declined with thanks!

We've had five boats go out today, but only one of them was a turn round. That usually makes life alot easier, but due to the fine, but persistent rain that we had this morning, Fred still managed to get soaking wet. He looked like he had been dunked in the canal at one point!

Simon's been cracking on with some more plating work, until the rain stopped play and he has been doing show rounds this afternoon as well as a bit of other work on a couple of boats.

It must have been windy in the night because one of our regular customers; Roger, who collected Aquamarine yesterday rang to say that there was a tree down just south of Wheaton Aston. He telephoned at about 3pm to say that contractors were on site and clearing the obstruction.

I'm on count down, only a day to go until I've got a few days holiday.



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