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Friday, 29 June 2012

Its Friday!

Don’t know why I bothered typing the title really as I have still got to work this weekend so today is just another day, are you feeling sorry for me? probably not! but it is the weekend for most of you and I hope that the weather stays like it has been today here at Norbury however I hope the wind drops a little, it has been as windy as hell here today, that makes boating interesting, narrow boats in a restricted channel in the wind are not good combinations, its a good job they are made of steel that’s all I can say!

Its been a busy one today, although only a hand full of boats out today, two shared boats, two hire boats and one day boat but we did have several returning this morning which made first thing a bit interesting, boats everywhere, well the ones that were going out have gone so that’s it until it all happens again tomorrow, and that’s it from me until tomorrow.

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