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Friday, 1 June 2012

no blog again

well i don't know what the lads are up to these days.......we are all busy but we should make time to write the blog, we have many followers.
it has been a very busy day here today. we have had 1 day boat go out this morning with hirers dressed as pirates and it was also a birthday surprise, what a surprise it was too.....very happy.
we have also had 3 shared boats turn round today and phantasy return to us.
we have had phantasy, opal 2, pippin and aqua marine go out today and we have a real busy day tomorrow with 12 boats going out on hire, i will be hoarse by 5pm ............hopefully it will be busy everywhere.
denise and charlotte have been out cleaning, lorraine has been pinging beds (making them look welcoming), straightening towels and basically making the boats look welcoming and kim has been looking after the tea room.
simon went out shopping late and returned, loads of stock to put away in the morning as if we are not busy enough.........don't worry simon it will get done.............eventually.
speak soon, ange.

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  1. From one of your many followers, I say 'thanks Ange for the blog.' Your right, I look forward to hearing what has gone on at Norbury Wharf each evening and when there is no blog one feels something is missing and a little disappointed even though one understands the pressure of work the Norbury team is under!