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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

sneak preview

hi all,
we have received our new menu holders today and as we have space at the back of the holder for information about norbury wharf ltd i have put some wording about the staff here at norbury, here goes...........
a word about our staff; they are without exception, the most dreadful bunch of no-hopers you could ever have the misfortune to meet-sorry, but it has to be said. most have been with us a long time. if you manage to catch their eye or get any of their attention which would in actual fact be a complete miracle, please don't humour them- it only makes them worse. you'll find them lippy and generally unhelpful and most will be poorly turned out and sloppy in attitude. trouble is-you can't get the staff around here. regular beatings do occur in our staff meetings in an attempt to improve their performance-but it's actually completely hopeless. please let us have your thoughts on the customer comment cards located in the tea room. we do not add a service charge-any gratuities go in full to the entire staff team, and are very gratefully received-thank you..............the management.
i guess that's me on the naughty step then!!!!!!!!!!!!
i had a little accident with the vacuum cleaner this afternoon, matt "borrowed" it this morning to extract some paint dust on the boat which is in for painting, when he finished with it he very kindly didn't empty it out. i have then taken it over to wharf cottage and wondered why it wasn't picking anything up. upon closer inspection i noticed all the paint dust in there and opened up the a puff of blue smoke i was covered head to toe in the stuff..........not happy as you can imagine........two of us on the step now, ha ha.
as i sit here writing this blog there is a crane outside lifting a new brokerage boat into the water, no doubt david will be advertising her at the weekend,
that's it for today........until next time, ange. p.s........great news we are now live with sage pay so you can actually search availability, book online and pay for your holiday on line :)

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