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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Nearly there!

We are nearly there, after months of hard work on setting up our on line booking system, which was finally set up at the end of March,but we are nearly there with the online payment side of things, the on line booking system is great as it gives our customers the chance to search our bookings and see them in an up to date format, this enables them to see what there is available 24 hours a day, we applied to have an on line payment system months ago, now you would think that with today's technology it could be done over night however it has taken about three months to get it sorted, I have today been jumping through the last few hoops that have been presented to me and there is one more hurdle to jump over and that is it, we will be able to take payments on line for the hire of ALL of our boats!

Lets not bother talking about today as to be honest it has been a total waste of time in terms of what has gone on here, it was raining as soon as I opened the curtains this morning and as I am typing the blog it is still persisting it down, lets hope tomorrow brings a little better weather


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