Shop front in the summer

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


No not the canal, me, I feel somewhat drained today, I suspect because of a late escape yesterday, an early morning today, non stop in Norbury since the shop opened this morning until late this afternoon, so I am going to try and get away on time tonight, and put my feet up!

Its been another busy one as mentioned earlier, Lorraine has looked after the Tearoom all day leaving myself and Angela to look after the customers in the shop, on the wharf and on the phone, we haven't seen as many people on the wharf today as we did yesterday, I thought it might be busier as the middle of the week in Norbury is about half way around the four counties ring, maybe folk are travelling a bit slower because of the weather, the lads undocked a boat today and then docked another one for blacking, Bernard then went on to a private boat to de- winterise it and get all of its systems up and running prior to its first cruise of the year this coming Saturday, Simon finished off the steel work on a private boat that he has been working on, he then attended a break down on one of the hire boats, Matt has been stripping a boat that is now in the wet dock for a full repaint and Fred has been pressure washing, pumping boats out and generally making a nuisance of himself just for a change!

That's it from me for today.

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