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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

new kids on the block

tis me again, it has been quite a busy day here at norbury and the sun has shone for most of it too.
we have 2 new kids on the block today, we have an engineer called jake and a dogs body called peter, some of you may already have the misfortune of knowing him, he is one of our regular hirers and is here on holiday at the moment in wharf cottage so as he was at a loose end we sent him out shopping, banking and he has also done a couple of jobs around the yard for us, washing up in the tea room for denise being one them, looking very fetching with his norbury wharf apron on, we do have photo's to prove it peter and will be putting it on the blog shortly, thanks mr quick, you're a star.
as fred is on holiday we have been using steve the engineer to do pump outs and diesel.
mick has been working on a private job and simon has just been simon, engineer simon that is, not our lord and master simon, he's just been sat at his desk with his feet up (only joking simon).
we had one day boat go out this morning which has just returned without any issues and they all had a good dry day. i spoke too soon it has just started raining, not too much though thankfully.
well there's not really that much else to report as i'm not used to all this freedom on the blog yet, so until next time and a photo of peter in his pinny.......................byee.

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