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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Rare sight

Its Saturday and as it is such a busy day I thought that I would come to work and lend a hand, much to the disgust of some of the staff, they prefer it when I am off, I wonder why! Its probably the busiest day of the year for us today, every boat that we posses is out this weekend, we have 12 hire boats out today, the cottage and all of the day boats, one boat to go on Monday and that's it, everything out, we have extra staff in today to cope with the extra demand, 17 of us in all, so it does seem like a busy place indeed regardless of all of the customers, and there are lots of them too.

Yesterday was busy day, we had another Ex BWB work flat delivered by low loader yesterday , that was craned in to the water amidst a Queue of boats waiting to get on to the wharf for services, it gave the tearoom customers a spectacle to watch as it was swung high in the air and in to the water, just after that had been launched the gas delivery turned up and shortly after that we had a delivery of the new tea roo
m wooden benches and seats, ten of them stacked high on lorry, so as you can see it was a very busy day yesterday, hence the lack of blog from either me or David, thanks to Angela for stepping in.

As I said earlier we are having a busy turnaround day with lots of folks around, well blow me down we have fame at long last on the wharf, we have a star going out on one of our boats, not quite the Harrison Ford as seen on the Llangollen canal a few years back but none the less still a famous person and an English one at that, Dave Spikey, comedy writer, comedian, entertainer and actor with a long list of programmes that he has been in, the one I remember the best is Phoenix nights and the one he is probably best know for, he is out on one of our boats, I wont mention which one as I am sure he wants a nice quiet week away, he has already been caught by some of our other customers and asked for autographs etc, I asked if it was ok to get a Photo, and appropriately we too
k it next to Phoenix, so just for anyone who doesn't know who I mean, he is on the left!

That's it from me for today

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