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Sunday, 24 June 2012

left to our own devices

well it has been a strange day today, mixed weather and not many people about first thing this morning. normally on a sunday morning you can't move in the tea room for people wanting their fix of breakfast goodies, but not this morning, and as we had simon in today instead of david he thought this was the norm, now he won't believe me when i say how busy we have been, he said today "you'll tell me anything". we had 3 day boats out first thing and all have returned without issues. we had 20 ladies on 2 of the boats who went on a jolly down to wheaton aston and were a bit worse for wear when they got back, never been on a boat before and thoroughly enjoyed the day ;)
kim went home on 1/2 days holiday as we were so quiet then all hell broke loose, everyone decided to come to norbury but luckily i held on to joyce and denise and we coped between us.
bernard has been kept busy on the wharf today but he can't talk quietly so when he comes in to tell you how much fuel he has put in the boat you need ear
aaron has been busy pulling weeds out down the arm, it's looking nice and tidy down there now.
bernard and mick undocked mointeach this morning and then put quince in there for blacking, mick has also been working on private jobs.
we also had a hire boat out first thing this morning, summer wine.
then at 4 pm simon said "right that's it i'm all up to date, would you mind if i go home?" so being the nice boss i am i said "of course, go". lol...........then threw a pary (only joking boss).
till next time.......bye ange.

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