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Monday, 25 June 2012

New Boss!

Cheeky so and so she is, Angela that is! I was asking her if she didn't mind me going early yesterday as it meant that she would have stay a bit longer to lock up, well if she wants to be the boss then she can have the job, so if you read this Ange can I have a pay rise please, I want more holidays, oh and by the way I wont be in tomorrow as I am feeling ill (well I fancy a sickie) lol

Its been a bit of a roller coaster type day, dead quiet one minute and then MANIC the next, the phone seems to have been relentless though but not to many customers through the door, even though the sun has been shining, the tea room has even been quiet today, very unusual given the excellent weather.

A couple of day boats out this morning, without issue I am glad to say, they also returned without issue, we have also had a hire boat out this afternoon, that too went without issue!

Not really much else to say about today,so until tomorrow

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