Shop front in the summer

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Here comes the rain, hail and damnation!

I thought for one moment today that the end of the world was coming as it went black over Norbury and then came a thunderous roar from above, it was obvoius what was next, yep the heavens opened up and it threw it down , we had 'cats and dogs' and everything thrown at us for about an hour, it was bouncing off the boats and the roofs it came down that hard as but when the hail came down I decieded that enough was enough and I retired to the shop for some cover, see attached photo for the deluge! As I type the blog my feet are still wet through.
The sun has now come back out so I suppose you could say that we are having a typical summer?

We have certainly been a lot busier today, sods law as most of the boats turned up for wharf services just as the heavens opened up, we had that many boats here that Simon and I were both out there in the pouring rain dieseling the boats, pumping them out trying to generally dodge the rain, and its carried on like that all afternoon with boats pulling on to the wharf for services.

Thats it from me or tonight, Im off home to dry out.


  1. I saw that little boat on the left of your last picture today.The orange and white one. Just curious as to what it is??

  2. It is a pusher tug, often used by BWB to move their fleet of boats around, also used by contractors for the same, it now belongs to us and will be used for moving our work boats about, if you look through some of my earlier blogs you will see some pictures when it was delivered last week.

    1. goodstuff thanks for answering!