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Friday, 22 June 2012

quiet day today

as the title suggests it has been quite quiet here today at norbury.
1st thing this morning we had 3 day boats go out and they all returned back to us without any issues. we also had sphinx return to us with 10 lads aboard who had an excellent time cruising to chester and back. 5 shared boats back also without any problems and a good time had by all despite the weather, i really don't know what we have done to deserve this horrible weather, 4 years running now we have had no summer. so much so that we have had sovereign lady, prince and quartz return to us this evening instead of tomorrow morning, all enjoyed the boating but not the weather.
the tea room hasn't seen much traffic today either, joyce looked after the tea room whilst denise and kim went out cleaning the boats and wharf cottage for the next hirers, lorraine was to start her holiday when she finished tonight but was pleasantly surprised when i suggested she take today as a days holiday aswell, we couldn't see her for dust.
we sent simon out shopping and banking today and whatever else he gets up to whilst he is out, like having his hair cut, he tries denying it but how can you deny that you've had a hair cut, he must think we are blind, at least he got back at a reasonable hour and the stock was put away well before 5pm.
jake the new lad is doing really well and hopefully will be doing showrounds on the hire boats soon, engineer simon has taken him under his wing and passing on his good knowledge of boats. steve has been really busy doing diesel, gas and pump outs today, he's not used to doing freds job so is happy that fred returns tomorrow after a nice break. and me..................well i've just been me doing ange things as simon would put it, so until next time..........bye.

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