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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

extension to jenks blog

hi tis me AGAIN........aren't you lucky...mmm
as i was leaving work tonight i said to simon have you done the blog, ange i haven't had time was his answer then he said well i have done a little one about the moorings, that rhymes with boring.
we had 1 day boat out this morning with people who had never been on a boat before and thoroughly enjoyed themselves, especially as it has been a stunning day here at norbury, the sun has shone for most of the day and of course we have all been moaning about how hot it has been, there really is no pleasing some people. well i have been complaning about the heat cos i have been doing service washes for most of the day and the heat from the tumble drier has been too hot to handle.
we have had a private job on the wharf today where we have fitted an 1800 w sterling inverter and after much deliberation about the size of the fridge a few minor adjustments were made and the customers bought a new fridge aswell as their old one was too old and noisy, they also commented on what a nice guy simon the engineer was, and he is. jake is a nice lad too and picking up simons good ways.
joyce has manned the tea room with a little help from me , when i wasn't doing service washes, there aren't many of us around on wednesday so we all have to muck in together. except the guys that is, i asked denise if she would clean the mens tea room, they are all on the naughty step when she returns on friday...........filthy.
jenk has been busy sorting an engine job and fred has been his usual self.............moaning, we love ya freddie.
until next time, byee.

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