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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Ruddy Knackered

Well what a busy busy manic day it has been and as the title suggests, I am knackered, its been that busy I reckon that also applies to Angela and Lorraine too, it started off as usual this mooring, flat out as it normally does, day boaters arriving, hire boats arriving with toilet issues, people on the wharf for diesel,the tea room packed with people for breakfasts and the lads all standing around looking for their work for the day, it all made a busy old morning, on top of all of that we had a crane booked for 11am to lift off a small tug that we were having delivered today, the crane turned up, but no sign of the tug, I made a quick phone call to the company only to find out that the lorry had broken down on route to us, a few more tense phone calls and it was confirmed that the damn lorry was running about three hours late, unfortunately the crane driver had another contract left and was under pressure to get going, the lorry finally got on its way, the crane driver relaxed a bit, but then the lorry broke down again less than two mile away, I jumped in to my motor and drove to the stricken truck and it was sorted and back on track in short time, it finally arrived, much to the crane drivers, and my relief, and off loaded safely on to our slip way, so say welcome to our latest addition to our work boat hire fleet, BIG TOE he is called, and tugs do fly!Soon you will be able to hire any of our work boats, the tug, the tug and a driver, one of two work flats, one of two welfare boats, which contain stove, sink, water, toilets and locable storage compartments for tools etc, mud hoppers, tank hoppers, all transportable by road or water, call us with your requirementsBy the way, the bird of prey isn't real.


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