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Saturday, 23 June 2012

There is always one!

Why is it there is always one gobby, smart arse with a big mouth who after a drink thinks that he has the God given right to be obnoxious, Fortunately that sort of person is in the minority, today we had a couple of day boats go out, one returned without issue while the other one returned on time but they had got the stern rope wrapped around the prop and it had subsequently snapped in half, I politely pointed out the damage and informed the group that they needed to replace the rope, you would have thought that I had told them that the boat needed to be replaced, a couple of the lads were fine and I guess that they had realised what they had done, but one chap just would not stop going on about it, in a loud unruly like manner, his parting words were, "I will be back later to smash the place up" I think he needs to grow up!

Any way apart from that incident today its been an OK day, most of the fleet has returned and we have had three boats go out and one tomorrow, that has kept us busy and while waiting for the day boats to return Simon got the tug up and running, it purrrrrrs like a pussy cat, very happy indeed.

That's it from me for today

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