Shop front in the summer

Sunday, 10 June 2012


what a lovely sight when i flung the curtains back this morning, and no it wasn't the cows munching at the hedge at the bottom of my garden it was the sun, i'd almost forgotten what it looked like.the sun followed me all the way to norbury and has stayed out all day which has bought the cyclists out in their droves for a slice of our home made cake and and a cup of tea, we have also seen a few motorcyclists about too. the girls have been very busy in the tea room today, they started cooking at 8.15 this morning for the day boat hirers as we do a special offer for them on bacon or sausage baps at only £1.99 per head, i think the smell of the bacon cooking must waft around norbury because before you know what's hit you everyone comes in for breakfast. denise has been busy ploughing through all the washing from the returning hire boats over the last 2 days, there is heaps of it as all of our boats went out on the 2nd june and returned on the 9th..............poor denise.
we docked a boat called lacewing this morning, she is now owned by one of our past hirers, in fact it is only a couple of weeks since mr lalonde hired "princess" from us and then decided he might aswell buy his own........what a good idea, think i might do the same.
we didn't have mick in today as he has gone on holiday to egypt for a week so we have had to put up with engineer simon for a change, i have been moaning at him today as it took me all day yesterday to tidy up behind the counter after everyone that just dumps things all over the place, he was trying to repair the fly catcher from the kitchen, bits all over the carpet, then david said throw it away we'll buy a new one but keep the plug. simon cut the plug off and left it on my desk, when i asked him why he had left it there he said "david told me to keep it", i said "well not on my desk" what do i want a plug for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!............anyway that's it from me for today, speak soon, ange.

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