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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

quiet day

hi, it's me again the new boss, well i've the bosses permission to say so anyway.
there's not an awful lot to report today as we have been quiet in the shop and tea room, but having said that the phone's haven't stopped ringing, i have done 2 hireboat bookings for this weekend and 1 for august, it is getting to the time of year where people are leaving it to the last minute to book their holidays to get the best deal.
we had a dayboat go out first thing this morning, the weather hasn't been brilliant but at least it has stayed dry for them and they have returned without issues.
engineer simon has been welding for most of the day and mick has attended a break down in chester.
denise was bitten by a dog last night and it took me until 2 o'clock to persuade her to go to the doctors for an injection, nat went with her to hold her hand. i told her that injections aren't what they used to be, she said " i don't like injections and certainly not in my bum", i said it's an arm jobby now so that made her feel a little easier, anyway it's all over and done with now, poor denise. jenk has just been his usual self, sitting in the corner with his feet on the table, (oops sorry i mean under).
that just leaves fred...............he's been getting the boats ready for the weekend, blacking, weeding and moaning!!!!
til the next time, byee.

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