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Saturday, 2 April 2011


It's been a bitsy day today. Rain this morning, sun this afternoon - the weather doesn't know what to do at the moment.

We had two day boats out first thing this morning. So today has been Victory's official maiden voyage - They'll be back in about half an hour, and hopefully all will be well... Phoenix has also returned this morning from a week out and Summer Wine has been turned round during the day and has just left with some happy holiday makers aboard.

Fred's been doing 'Fred jobs' - pumping boats out, blacking and roding drains! I do admire how he just gets on with his job, even the most unpleasant ones, although he needs some encouragement at times...

Amy and Joyce have been busy cleaning boats. Mick has finished fitting up the boat that has been painted and is now fitting up a boat called Shekinah. She was only in for her cabin top to be repainted, which Lee completed this week. This meant stripping it back to bare metal, treating the steel, priming, undercoating and top coating it + adding a non slip surface.

Bernard has been doing odd jobs on several boats - far too many to mention, but it has certainly kept him occupied :-)

We've got a whole range of LEDs in stock now. I'm just in the process of photographing them and I think I am going to have to put a separate page on our website to accommodate them all - maybe we need an Eco friendly page.

That's it for today. No photos I know, but I will try and get some tomorrow.



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