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Monday, 4 April 2011

Busy Monday

Its amazing how busy it has been today,I know Monday's are usually busy but wow, it hasn't stopped all day! Over the last few weeks I have seen a new trend of more and more people offering us boats for sale, I would say that we must be having at least a dozen offers a week at the moment and also the amount of people wanting to sell their boats through our brokerage seems to be going up as well, looking at the amount of boats entering the market it would appear that this is across the country, there seems more boats for sale now than I have ever noticed before, We have been busy with people looking at boats too, maybe as the weather has done us a favour and encourage people to start looking. Thanks Bob for the email with reference to Chi-Cheemaun I will pass this information on to its new owners when it sells.

The lads have all been busy as usual, Ralph blacked a boat on the dock and turned Phantom around ready for its holiday makers who were due this afternoon, Mick has been on a private boat today fitting a calorifier and doing other odd jobs, Lee has started striping down yet another boat for a full paint job, Ember and sphinx both came back yesterday and all the people thoroughly enjoyed their holiday aboard the two boats, That's it now, Ember goes out again this coming weekend and she is out ever week up to the end of August! It would be nice if all the boats were like that this year, I'm not complaining though as they are booked quiet well.

We have seen a few boats around today and the wharf has seen its fair share of boats requiring our services, A boat that we repainted the roof on was also collected today and a very happy customer indeed boated off in the direction of Wolverhampton having just bought a re conditioned gearbox off us as well.

That's it from me today, so until tomorrow

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