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Thursday, 14 April 2011

No show!

You know when you get a funny feeling about someone? We have been looking for a new engineer all last year and without much success, its amazing that in today's climate it still seems that people don't want to work,or should I say that they don't want work! We have some plans that require an extra engineer and he would also complement the team here, so last year we advertised and had quite a few applicants, one of which was excellent, we offered him a job and then low and behold his present employer offered him a better package to keep him! We then fortunately found what we though was going to be another excellent 'time served engineer' Well he only did two days and decided it wasn't for him! not sure really why but I think the travelling might have had something to do with it, shame as he seemed like a really nice chap and I think he would have enjoyed it here, so back to the drawing board and interviewing again!

Its been a sunny day here today, I have been out at a meeting today so I ha vent seen all that has gone on, I do know that Fred has been blacking, tidying the place up and washing the new van, Bernard has been doing some welding on the boat in the dry dock, Lee has been applying paint again in the wet dock, Joyce has been doing a spot of cleaning and Lorraine has been looking after the Tea room with her usual smile and friendly banter.

The van has been washed by Fred as its being collected tomorrow morning by our old Friend Titch who is going to letter it up with our name and contact details, I am sure David will get some photos of it once its all done; All of the shared owned boats have returned without any major issues so hopefully tomorrow should be nice and easy.

That's it from me today.


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