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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A 'hunk' not a rock?

I have always thought of my self as a hunk not a rock but it looks like have I have been given that title by Narrow boat world, click on this link to take you to the article that has been posted on their website I am a handsome chap aren't I?

Well what a fantastic day it has been , the sun has almost been unbearable this afternoon, i don't know what the temperature is but would imagine in the mid 20's wow and its only April, long may it continue, trouble is, the next thing will be a hose pipe ban and restricted navigation because of water shortages, you cant win in this job!

Its been manic today as you might imagine, first thing this morning saw a day boat go out for the day, a boat undocked, two boats docked, the sign writer turn up to write a boat (photos to follow) a timber order arrive and people everywhere enjoying the sun,looking at boats and all this before 10AM! Its been pretty busy all day and I have to say that it has kept Jay and Lorraine on the go all day, Angela is still catching up from her holiday last week (that will teach her to have time off) I have been none stop all day either on the phone or looking at jobs out on the canal.

We have seen a few old working boats through today (the stragglers) bringing up the rear so to speak on their way to the boat gathering at Ellesmere, it looks like it will be a very busy event up there this weekend, shame I am working as I would have liked to go and take a look. I might just pop up there on Saturday night and have a beer.

That's pretty much it from sunny Norbury today, lets see if we are as lucky with the weather tomorrow.


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  1. Is that your sexy, sultry look Simon??
    Have you seen Flushed Away?? Sid??
    Looking good for your age though....