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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Shropshire Union is not shut!

I think that some people still think that the Shroppie is closed because of the landslide in Tyrley cutting, I had a look on Waterscape today and it is listed as "navigation restricted", this means that there is still some of the landslide in the water but the canal is fully open and the affected area just needs to be passed with a little care, I am writing this just in case people are not sure about the situation. There doesn't seem to be a lot of boat traffic around, this might be because of the general economic climate, the higher fuel price or just because it is still early in the season, looking at our wharf figures it does look like passing traffic is down on last years and the previous years figures,Is there a new trend in peoples boating habits?are more people doing less cruising compared to the past?Are people just staying on their moorings?

Its been a quiet day which has given me the chance to catch up on loads of outstanding jobs,amazingly though the day has flown by so maybe it has been busier than I imagined,just not manic which is how I really like it, Angela has being been busy with more bookings for the boats as well as all of her other jobs, I wont bore you to much as to what Fred has been up to as lets be honest you cant really make blacking a boat sound exciting! Bernard has had his head buried in the engine room of a boat re-fitting its cylinder head and piping up a new calorifier, That's as exciting as its been today! Jay has been promoting the Tea room on the Internet as well as looking after the odd customer and Joyce has been kept busy cleaning boats.

That's the lot, nothing else to report as everyone else is off today and tomorrow with days off, holidays and dentists and doctors etc etc.

That's it from me today

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  1. "the odd customer" -- Bruce from Sanity Again??!!