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Friday, 22 April 2011

Friday 22nd

Another superb day here at Norbury, the weather again is fantastic, the Gods must be looking down on us and thinking that we deserve some good fortune after the hard winter that we had, the winter months are a distance memory now as we bake in the glorious Easter sun, long may it continue.

All of the boats returned without to many calamities and things that needed doing, they all got turned around again without to many issues, its funny how things work out, if we have a small turnaround we always seem to have plenty of issues yet when it is a big turnaround things seem to go 'tickety boo' long may that statement last, the only major issue that has occurred today is a broken down chest freezer where we store some of our ice cream, , we had a huge delivery first thing so we have had to pack the other freezers to the rafters with ice creams, I will have to go and buy another one soon, When we had the ice cream reps down last year we were amazed to find out that our little shop here at Norbury had achieved the biggest growth of ice creams in the country, we topped our sales buy a massive 1000% increase on the previous year, hard to believe or our sales the previous year were very poor.

Most of the boats have gone now, again without too many problems so that's it until tomorrow when we start all over again, this is pretty much the pattern now for us throughout the season, it doesn't however stop all of the other jobs going on around the yard, Ralph has been kept busy all day with blacking the two boats in the dry dock, Bernard went and finished off the breakdown that occurred earlier in the week as the parts turned up late yesterday afternoon for it, Mick has been kept busy in the engine rooms of the hire boats getting them ready and Fred has been sunning him self while doing the odd pump out, Me and David have been helping customers in the chandlery, people looking at boats and Angela and all of the girls (including Jay)have been flat out cleaning boats and working in the Tea room.

The busiest day so far this year!!

That's it from me for today, I am having a well earned day off tomorrow, I will be back on Sunday though!


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