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Friday, 8 April 2011

And yet another fine day

Its been a fantastic day today right from the very beginning, the birds started their dawn chorus well before dawn and that was when i knew that it was going to be a lovely day, I was not disappointed and it has been magnificent all day, so much so that I am down to a shirt now! I have been out today doing some shopping, banking and all the usual jobs that need doing when I am out and about, it has been like a mid August day, people out in short sleeve shirts, people with the roofs down in their sports cars, back at Norbury it is even better than being out and about as there are people everywhere enjoying a nice pint at the pub or on our wharf or an ice cream by the water, lets hope it stays like this all weekend.

All of the boats have come back in today without any issues and as I am writing this some of the people have already been and collected them for their forth coming break, I bet they are chuffed that their week is starting is such fine weather! Freddie has been up to his eyes in pooh, well not literally but pumping the boats out, Micky has been doing odd jobs on the boats, Bernard has done some engine servicing and is now doing a cylinder head replacement, Fred has blacked a boat this afternoon, Ralph has been doing odd jobs around the place and getting the holiday cottage ready for its new holiday makers and is now clearing out on of the brokerage boats that has been sold this week, There is always something happening around here!

I have had a request from Angela to say a BIG HELLO to Mrs Lintern who is taking Ember out on the 21st May for a two week cruise, I am suitably informed that it is her birthday sometime around then, So keep your eyes peeled everyone and if you see Mrs Lintern and her family enjoying themselves give them a big wave and say "happy birthday" PS. Mrs Lintern, Dont forget the cream cakes!!

That's it from me for this week, I am off for a dirty weekend in Wales with my partner Amanda, so I will speak with you all next week.


PS. I am off-roading in Wales, before you start thinking otherwise!

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  1. Thanks for the mention. Cream cakes already ordered!
    Lorraine Lintern