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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Rare sight on a Sunday

It doesnt happen very often that I work on a Sunday but this week is a slight exception because it is Easter Sunday, expecting it to be really busy I thought I better show willing and help out, as it was I could have had the day off, it didnt really amount to much today, compared to yesterday and Friday it was a bit of a let down, the weather wasnt quite as good though, maybe tomorrow it will be busier!

Not much of interst to report about todays goings on, the two day boats went out and came back with out any issues, Ralph and Mick undocked two boats and then proceeded to dock two more, Mick then finished off a gas job while Ralph pressure washed the two on the dock, me and David have been looking after customers and doing promotional stuff to do with the new brokerage boats that came in yesterday, two done and one to go, its amazing just how long it takes to do all the paperwork and up load everything on to the net.

Me, David and Amanda (my partner) went to Elsmere port last night to see friends and have a look around the very good turn out of historic boats that had gathered their for the weekend, here is a picture of me and Amanda on one of my old working boats, it was the first time that she had been on to a butty boat and she was amazed that i used to live in that tiny little cabin, the boat is now a credit to Roger Fuller who owns it now, she is looking lovely, I feel privelaged to have owned the boat and loaded it as it would have been back in 1915. Thats it from me for tonight, I hope you all have a lovely evening.

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