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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Oh what a night...

What a night we had last night. The taxi arrived at 7pm and whisked us off to Wolverhampton. We spent the night at a Greek restaurant in the city and what a laugh it was. Dinner was served at 8.30pm whilst being entertained by a Greek keyboard player, by 9.30pm we were being entertained by their resident band and belly dancers with customer participation essential! Unfortunately we had to leave at 11pm, which was probably a good thing, because I was starting to nod off! Apparently after we left, there was plate smashing and a disco until the early hours... I'd certainly recommend it for an evening do for a group (birthday, hen party etc.). I'll definitely be visiting next time I tie up in Broad Street basin, Wolverhampton as it is also within easy walking distance from the cut.

It's been another busy day here at Norbury. Lots of people about, and a few more boats today - the visitor moorings haven't been this busy since last summer. Passing traffic, still seems to be down somewhat though - we certainly haven't had the volume of boats through that we usually expect during the Easter holidays.

Here's a few pictures of the wharf today - I do love it when the sun shines!

The thing that I most love about Norbury, is that there is always something to see. Here's a picture of Vespa that turned up today with one of our motor homes and Phantasy open for display in the background.

Bernard has been back to Higher Poynton today to sort out Peter Underwood's engine. Injector's are back in and the report is that Blackberry Way's Lister SR3 is back up and running. The engine had been "making oil" and was overheating. This is normally down to the bleed screws on the pumps leaking, the unions on the pumps or the diaphragm in the lift pump. Bernard checked all of this on his initial visit and still wasn't convinced, it turned out to be one of the injector's leaking. He removed all three and we had them reconditioned and now they are all refitted Peter can be on his way again - see you at the Port at Easter.

Talking about the Port (that's Ellesmere Port to those that don't know what I'm talking about) there is a boat gathering for historic boats there each Easter. They gather in Chester basin on the Thursday evening and then go down to the Port on mass on Good Friday to enjoy a fantastic get together. They've started to filter through now - so if your travelling south on the Shroppie over the next week or so watch out for some big fore ends approaching in bridges or if you think there is a sunken boat coming towards you, it'll be a deeply loaded "Josher". If you meet a motor boat with another boat following it in close succession, don't try to get through the bridge 'ole after the first boat as it is most likely pulling a butty and the line will quickly catapult out of it's course.

I'll leave you to enjoy the evening and hand back over to Simon tomorrow.

Bye for now.



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