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Friday, 15 April 2011

Friday and its turn-around day

Friday comes around really quick and its another turn-around day, all of the boast have returned, that'ss always a good start! No real problems with any of the boats just the usual bits and bobs that need doing so Bernard and Mick have been attending to them, Fred has been pumping them all out and fueling them up and they have all gone out with their respective holiday makers on for another week or in some cases two. Sphinx has been turned around and that has got off without any problems, Jay has had a steady flow of customers in the tea room since first thing this morning and the shop and chandlery has had its fair share of customers as well. The weather has been relatively kind to the lads today, a bit cold but it hasn't rained, there is nothing worse than a turn-around day in the rain, lets hope that the sun comes out to play for the weekend, Its amazing, the wharf has been very busy today yet the rest of the week it hasn't, its almost as though people wait until they see we are busy and then pounce! I am not complaining and everyone is welcome anytime!

Although I am not in work over the weekend I don't get away with doing nothing and this weekend I have to go down to Northampton to complete the paperwork on a boat that is coming in to be put on to brokerage, then down to Southampton to look at another and then up North to look at another,So a busy weekend for me!

Thats it from me for this week, I am sure that David will keep you up to speed the goings on in Norbury over the weekend, and maybe some pictures,

Until Monday. Simon

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