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Friday, 29 April 2011

A Royal day

Its been a lovely day for a Royal wedding but given that the weather has been so good today it is a shame that it has been a relatively quiet day at Norbury, I didn't expect it to be busy at all as I suspect that the majority of the nation is glued to the TV, also given the fact that it is a turnaround day today it has still been a quiet day,we did however have the two day boats go out this morning so I dont think that the people were to concerned about the royal goings on, we have only had to of the shared boats turning around today and one for tomorrow, tomorrow promises to be a busy day, we have four boats going out plus a couple of day boats and it is the Norbury festival so lets hope that the weather stays good for that,

Freddie has pumped all of the boats this morning so that will save him a big job tomorrow, and has also blacked a boat, Ralph has been attending to the new flowers around the place, going through the boats for tomorrow, Mick has done an engine service, a boiler service, sorted some pipes out on a boat that had frozen in the winter, Steve has been putting a new floor down in a boat, Bernard has attended a breakdown, serviced a boat, fitted a new starter motor as well as re packing a stern tube and a bit of welding, all of the girls have got on top of the valets and the cleaning of the hire boats for tomorrow, David has been doing 'David' things and I have been doing 'Simon' things.

Nothing of real interest to say about today, but then with the Royal wedding taking place anything that I say wont be very interesting!

That's it until tomorrow

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