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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Lovely and interesting Tuesday

The weather today is just fantastic and it makes the job lovely, it brings out loads of people and the wharf comes alive! I have had a bit more of an interesting couple of days, as David mentioned yesterday, I went down to Northampton to drop of Bex and co off who are collecting a boat that is to be put on brokerage, Once loaded up I did a bit of boating along the Gayton arm of the Grand union canal, up to the junction where I swung right and on to the main line heading North, the first bridge hole I jumped off and returned to my car and then back on to the M1 heading for home, the weather down there was stunning and the evening sun made me want to carry on boating until dark, but 'ho hum' not for me! Today has also got off to an interesting start as the motor boat Renfrew has been loading timber destined for somewhere down south, this timber is being used for the restoration of Lucy which is an load wooden working boat, Renfrew is off the Elsmere Port first to join in with the Easter gathering first. Here are some pictures. Before unloading the timber in to the boat. after loading the boatAnd finally the loaded boat being made ready for its journey north.

Once the day boats were out of the way first thing this morning Mick settled down to looking at some gas appliances on a boat, Bernard has been fitting anodes, fitting a oil pressure gauge and servicing and engine and Rosie has been blacking and cutting grass; I must tell you about Rosie, Rosie has a long standing relationship with the canal system and comes from a family who are very well known in the industry, she lives in one of the cottages here at Norbury, anyway while Fred is away on his holidays she steps in and does his jobs, I have to say that she is far far prettier than Fred (and much less aggro) Hi Fred if you are reading this, missing you!

Cheers Phil Keep the reminders coming for David about the web cams, one day he might get around to sorting them.

That's about it from me today.


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