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Thursday, 28 April 2011

A scorching day

It’s been a scorcher here today, not that I am complaining!

The boats have been coming through thick and fast today. The cold winter and thick ice on the canal that meant that we didn’t see anyone come through by boat for six weeks seems such a long time ago now. Three months ago we were wearing as many clothes as we could get on and now we are down to shorts and shirt sleeves (shorts after work anyway!)…

I had arranged to go across the Mersey from Ellesmere Port to Liverpool on Tuesday (yes by narrow boat), but unfortunately I had a phone call from Sue last night to say that the trip had been cancelled and she would be crossing on Friday instead as the weather is due to change early next week. So, I’ll have to arrange to do something else on my days off and go across the Mersey another time L. I’m sure that I will get some pictures sent to me during the course of the weekend, so I will post them then.

Talking about the weekend, the Newport and Shrewsbury Canal Trust have their annual boat gathering at Norbury this weekend, with that and the Royal wedding celebrations I am sure that we will be having a busy time. There will be lots going on in and around Norbury, so it will be an ideal time to pay us a visit. We are open as usual during our normal hours (8.30am to 5.30pm).

The lads have all been busy about their daily tasks. Steve has replaced the tables out on the wharf during the course of the day as they were getting a bit tired.

Until tomorrow.



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