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Monday, 11 April 2011

Fantastic weekend

As the title says, what a fantastic weekend it has been, in more ways than one, I have had a superb time away in mid Wales with some good friends, off roading over a few mountain trails, and the weather was simply stunning, I really hope that the weather stays like it all year, It looks like they had a very busy weekend at Norbury, this is definetley down to the very good weather and the fact that its half term, It carried on today and its been busy all day, the weather hasnt been quite as kind though We did have some rain today but at least the sun shone through late in the afternoon just as we were locking up and going home.

I see that David has posted up some nice pictures from around the wharf over the weekend, I was going to do the same today but rain stopped play so to speak, honest! We have had a few boats on the wharf, still no where as many as you would expect given that it is half term time, I do wonder how many boats are staying on their moorings because money is a bit tighter these days and the price of diesel is constantly going up, it wont be long before red diesel is at £1.00 per litre, narrow boats are not bad on fuel though compared to sea going boats, a small cruiser of about 36 foot with twin diesel engines will use around 40 litres an hour at a cruising speed of about 24knots, you can now see that narrow boats are not bad on fuel.

At this time of year we always have a few moorers leave us and move on to pastures new so we find ourselves in a position to be able to offer a couple of mooring spaces at Norbury, we are going to offer a good deal on them so if it is something that you might be interested in just us a call.

That's it for tonight.


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