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Friday, 1 April 2011

Lost a day

Its Friday at long last, you know what its like when you have just come back to work after a week off! Well this week I have got my days mixed up and thanks for pointing it out Neil, If you hadn't noticed I posted Thursdays blog on Wednesday night and forgot totally to post Thursdays blog last night completely, my only defence me'lord is that I have just come back off a weeks holiday and I'm not quite back in to the routine of things yet!

Thursday was a busy day as usual, all of the shared boats returned without to many problems, the day boat has had all its snagging items finished off, the lads were all busy around the yard and on many boats.

Friday got off to a grey dull start to the morning, My partner informed me that it had snowed over night as she pulled back the curtains this morning, I sank back down the bed and shoved my head under the pillow in dread! I then finally got up and looked out of the window, I thought she had finally lost the plot. "what snow I said"? she fell about laughing, "Its the 1st of April" she said, be warned today!

It has got off to a very busy start as all the shared boats have been in first thing to sort out their diesel and services, we have had two of our boats go out today so Ralph has been getting them ready, Ember and Sphinx both with a party of ten, Mick has been doing the final few jobs on the boat that was painted last week, here is a photo in her new livery, She belongs to a really nice chap called Andy who will be taking her back to her moorings next week.

We have had a new boat arrive for brokerage, It has a funny name, it is called Chi-cheemaun which apparently means 'long canoe' here is a photo of the boat, it is a seventy footer and will
appear on our website over the weekend.

On Wednesday we docked a boat and as part of our usual routine we did a visual hull inspection as well as other jobs, it is interesting to see that this boat is a Liverpool built boat, not very old but it hasn't been out of the water since it was built and I thought that I would post a picture of the hull sides just to show you the state of the corrosion that has taken place, this is why it is imperative to have your boat out of the water at least every two to three years to avoid similar corrosion.

It all seems to happen when its busy, Bernard has been called out to a private boat that has broken down, the boat has just been bought from Audlem and has only made it as far as here and is overheating! It has turned in to a big job and the cylinder head needs removing, pressure testing and a new cylinder head gasket fitting, while it is here they want a calorifier fitting and lots of other jobs as well, that will keep Bernard and Mick busy.

We don't mention everything that goes on here as there would be too much to write about, I cant even remember if it has been mentioned before or not but we also have a holiday cottage situated on the bridge here at Norbury and as well as all the other jobs on around the place we have to make that available for visitors so today it is being cleaned and will be ready for its new guests for the weekend. Ember has got going with Becks and her friends and Sphinx has got off with the stag party!!

That's it from me for this week, over to David for the weekend


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